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Your Frequently Asked Mobile Self Storage Questions

General FAQs

What are the benefits of Mobile Self Storage?

Mobile Self Storage saves you time and money. We bring the Mobile Self-Storage Unit to your door, you fill it, and we drive it back. You don’t need to spend time and money making multiple trips to an out-of-town storage centre, and you don’t need to repeatedly load and unload your items!

Can I store larger items?

Our 280 cubic feet Mobile Self-Storage Units are large enough to store everything from suitcases to sofas. So we can store all of your items, including large and bulky belongings like white goods, and transport them to and from your home or office.

What’s the best way to load my Mobile Self-Storage Unit?

In 12 years in the business, we’ve learned how to maximise storage space. Here’s the trick – larger items in first, then pack the smaller items in around them. And don’t forget to use plenty of bubble wrap!

One storage unit isn’t enough. Help!

If you’ve filled your Mobile Self-Storage Unit and still have items left over, don’t panic. Let us know, and we’ll deliver another, direct to your door.

I need a hand with this table. Can you help me out?

If you need help loading your Mobile Self-Storage Units, let us know when you book your delivery slot. For a small additional fee, we’ll send someone to help you with all the heavy lifting.

Do you know where I can get some boxes, bubble wrap and tape?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Just let us know what packing supplies you need from our affordable box shop, and we’ll bring them to you with your Mobile Self-Storage Unit.

Can I access my unit once it’s in storage?

If you need to access your Mobile Self-Storage Units, you can visit us for free with just 24 hours’ notice. Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll drive your Mobile Self-Storage Unit to your premises for a small additional charge.

I need my stored items back permanently. How long do I need to wait?

We won’t keep you waiting with notice periods. As soon as you know when you want your unit re-delivered, give us a call. But a word of warning – we do operate on a first come, first served basis during busy times. So it pays to plan ahead!

How secure will my Mobile Self-Storage Units(s) be?

Just because your Mobile Self-Storage Unit is on wheels doesn’t mean it’s easy to take. Firstly, only you have the key to the Mobile Self-Storage Units padlock. Then, once we’ve picked up your unit, we lock it unit into a purpose built trailer, clamp the wheels and lock the doors. It’s then kept safe using our monitoring alarm systems, PIR sensors and remote-monitored CCTV. The only way it could be more secure is if we encased it in concrete – but that’d make it difficult to retrieve your stored items.

Can you provide insurance?

Our optional storage cover will insure your belongings up to the value of £12,000. Just let us know that you’d like insurance cover when you give us a call.

Do I need to insure my goods?

If you don’t want the additional expense, we don’t require you to insure your belongings.

How much do you charge?

Our prices are constantly updated to give you the best possible deal, based on your location, the number of Mobile Self-Storage Units you require, and the amount of time you’d like us to store your items for. So if you’d like an accurate quote, you can get in touch with us at any time.

Shipping and Relocation FAQs

Do I need to know the size and weight of my parcels?

The quote you receive is based on the size and weight of your parcels, so we do need to know. If incorrect information is provided, we will need to re-measure your shipment for an additional fee.

Am I limited to shipping boxes and parcels?

No. Whatever you need to ship, we’ll be able to help. Just give us a call to discuss your needs, and we’ll find the best possible price.

Can you import parcels for me?

Yes. Just let us know what you need, and we’ll help you out.

Are my items insured in transit?

All our consignments have £50 of free insurance cover included. We do however recommend that you discuss additional marine and transit cover with us.

I’m going to be out. What if I miss my collection time?

If you miss your collection, give us a call. We’ll help you to arrange another collection time.

Please note: you can’t specify a time for collection – your items will be collected at any time before 6pm.

Do I have to pay Customs for my delivery?

This depends on the country you are importing or exporting items to, and the items themselves. We recommend visiting to find out more, as The Stockport Self Storage Company has no control over customs duty.

What needs to be in my item description?

In short, as much as possible. Don’t be generic, and always give specific details of items. This will ensure a swift passage through customs for your shipment.

How should I value my goods?

Always give a replacement value for any goods you are shipping. If you put the value as “nil”, they won’t be covered by insurance.

My goods are damaged. Should I still accept the delivery?

Yes. But be sure to note that your items are damaged. Also make sure that you keep the damaged packaging in case of inspection.

Can I make a claim for damaged goods?

Yes – contact us directly, and make sure you have photographs of the damaged items and packaging. The customer must make a claim, and this has to be made within 28 days of the items being shipped.

What are Prohibited Items?

Take a look at our Terms of Use for more information.

Do you have any packing tips?

Make sure everything is securely boxed and wrapped. It’s always better to use too much bubble wrap than not enough! If your items aren’t properly packed, the driver may refuse collection, or your insurance may be invalidated.


If your question isn’t covered above, call us now and speak to a member of The Stockport Self Storage Company team.



The Benefits

  • Great value self storage and no hidden costs
  • Individual secure Mobile Self-Storage Units
  • 24 hour digital CCTV
  • Flexible and affordable terms
  • No admin fee when you move in
  • No deposit payment plans available
  • Fully refundable reservation fee
  • Save money with no van hire