Stockport Self Storage Company

Packing Your Items

Top Tips from The Stockport Self Storage Company

  • Bubble wrap is always a better bet than newspaper, as it’s not covered in ink that can bleed and stain your items.
  • Half-filled boxes will crumple when stacked – always pack your cartons to capacity, and don’t stack more than four heavy boxes on top of each other.
  • Brown packing tape should be used in layers to secure your packing boxes. Strap tape horizontally and vertically, with at least three layers on the base, to ensure your boxes remain strong.
  • Always double-wrap pictures and mirrors, then slide them in upright between pieces of furniture for extra security.
  • Use smaller boxes to store heavier items, and always load them into the Mobile Self-Storage Unit so they’re lower than your fragile items!
  • Try and spread the weight of your items across your Mobile Self-Storage Unit(s) equally.
  • Always wrap your mattresses and secure them with packing tape. You can then slide them into your Mobile Self-Storage Unit sideways.
  • Always try and store your leather furniture the correct way up, on their casters and legs. Otherwise, you risk warping or damaging the arms or backs.
  • If you’re worried about pieces of furniture rubbing against each other, use bedding and pillows to separate them.
  • Always flat-pack items where possible. A table that’s been dismantled is far easier to store.
  • Keep white goods dry. Wrap clingfilm around water pipes to prevent water damage to your other furniture, and always leave your fridge door OPEN!
  • If you label each box with a room name, you’ll save time when it comes to sorting and unloading your Mobile Self-Storage Unit after redelivery.
  • Before you lock your Mobile Self-Storage Unit, ensure that everything is packed tightly. You don’t want things shifting in transit.
  • Always make sure that you’re not storing prohibited items. Make sure you check our terms and conditions!


The Benefits

  • Great value self storage and no hidden costs
  • Individual secure Mobile Self-Storage Units
  • 24 hour digital CCTV
  • Flexible and affordable terms
  • No admin fee when you move in
  • No deposit payment plans available
  • Fully refundable reservation fee
  • Save money with no van hire